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Joan "Nanna" and Marion "Poppa" Smith of Ackerman, Mississippi (Choctaw County) freely admit that Marion is a pack rat. So, after the house got too filled with family treasures and collected historical items, it was time to move it all out back to Poppa’s Country Museum. Poppa’s has everything from a 1894 Coca-Cola bottle to a 1923 Model T.       (Click for video)

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'The Road of Life'

Listen as Poppa tells about his upbringing in the Mississippi Delta and his adult life

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Poppa's Museum

During the late 1950s and early '60s, Marion "Poppa" Smith served as the public works superintendent in Ackerman.

"Which meant he was the general town flunky," laughs Joan, his wife of 57 years.

Smith smiles and agrees. "I did whatever folks in town asked me to. Cleaned out sewers. Patched holes in the streets. I even served as the fire department. Carried 500 feet of hose on a two-wheel trailer behind my car. That was our firetruck."

He's 77 and retired now with the time to devote to his museum.

"A lot of it is stuff passed down in my family," Smith says, "and a lot of it is stuff that people don't want anymore."

"I've only got two rules: It has to be old, and it has to work — or at least be fixable. You'd be surprised the things people don't want anymore."


Blow Poppas "Gong" Whistle

Blow Poppas "Chime" Whistle

Christmas 2006

Poppa wins 1st Place in Ackerman Christmas Parade
(non-religious category)
Poppa Smith's theme was "Childhood Memories"

The Prettiest Christmas Tree

By Marion (Poppa) Smith 

The prettiest Christmas tree in my life
Was a red hall tree chopped with Mom's butcher knife.

Many thorns and berries but leaves were lean --
Remember the delta has very little green.

For lights no electricity we had;
Icicles were used and put on by Dad.

Instead of ribbon to adorn the tree,
Popcorn was popped by my sister and me.

Tis fun to put popcorn on a string --
Thread 1 eat 2 what a delicious thing.

The way I remember it was a beautiful sight,
And now I see it in a different light.

The dead tree reminds me Jesus died for my sin.
The white popcorn reminds of being born again.

The thorns remind me of the crown on His head.
The red berries remind me of the blood He shed.

Tonight we celebrate the hanging of the green
To honor the Birth of our Savior and King.


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