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Unusual Items


WOOD WATER PIPE - Manufactured before cast iron pipe. It was made from 3 inch to 8 inch - some reinforced with steel straps. This piece came from the Meridian, Mississippi area and was donated by Wayne Moody of Louisville, Mississippi. The pipe was made by drilling with a stationary drill and turning the timber bell and spigot ends. It was made of Cyprus wood for standard lengths. For fire protection a hole was drilled in the top of the pipe and a wood plug inserted. In case of fire, the plug was removed and water allowed to fill hole and picked up by bucket brigade or manual fire pump. A special hook was made on the fire ax to pull the plug. It is interesting that some axes are still made that way. This is the reason we say fire plug rather than fire hydrant.
COAL HEATER - This coal heater was connected to wall of train caboose for heat. Poppa bought this heater in Moorhead, Mississippi where the mighty Southern crosses the Yellow Dog.
45.70 RIFLE - This 45.70 Civil War era gun was manufactured soon after the muzzle loaders.

1890 22 PUMP RIFLE


22 STEVENS TIP UP MODEL 35 - Poppa bought these guns at a gun sale in Jackson, Mississippi


A DEVICE TO ASSIST IN GIVING A HOG A PILL - Given to me by my Dad's brother - Nimrod Tripplett who lived most of his life in Ocala, Florida. Nimrod left home at a young age and picked fruit in Florida. He started with a blanket, coffee pot, cup and metal plate but he ended up a successful hog farmer with 80 acres of prime land in Ocala. 
HYDRAULIC RAM - A device to pump water without a motor dated from 1930 - 1940. It used power from upstream water pressure. The hydraulic ram belonged to Smoky Oswalt's Grandad - Simmie Oswalt - to pump water to residents 1000 feet to 50 feet elevation on Dido Road in Choctaw County, Mississippi.
AIR GAUGE - Patented by Slater in early 1900's. It could be the first one. I found this air gauge in Casey T. Smith's (my Dad) trunk.
MULE POWERED HAY BALER - It could bale 100 bales a day from daybreak 'til dark. It was owned by Doyle Crowder's father. Poppa Smith bought the baler from Clara Bell Crowder.
CORN SHELLER - Owned by Poppa's and Jane Weaver's Great Grandfather, Culberson Smith, who was born in 1825 in North Carolina and died in 1908 in Choctaw County. Culberson is buried in the Pisgah Methodist Cemetery in Choctaw County. This corn sheller is 168 years old and is the Improved Hocking Valley Brand.
6 ALBUMS OF 78 RPM RECORDS - These records belonged to my brother-in-law's family, the late T. Mike Withers. The records are very thick with the recording grooves only cut on one side. Donated by my late sister, Doris Withers.
THE FIRST COKE BOTTLE - Bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It was called a 'Pop Bottle' because you pressed down to open it. The bottle was later condemned by the Health Department because contaminated water could enter when opening.

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